Re: Behavior and mom

    On 2/22/15, Getting too old for this wrote:
    > I have a student who tattles constantly. I told her that
    > I would not listen unless she is hurt or someone else is
    > hurt.

    You might also rephrase the definition of tattling when the
    child approaches you. Let them know that tattling is
    for "letting the teacher know about a problem that you cannot
    handle on your own."

    You might also do a whole-class lesson on the difference
    between tattling and telling.

    Tattling - Trying to get attention for yourself. Try to
    avoid tattling.

    Telling - You SHOULD tell if someone is hurt. Or if you have
    a really BIG problem you can't handle on your own.

    Give specific examples and have the class determine if it's
    tattling or telling.

    - "Billy is coloring with a red crayon and you told us to use
    a blue crayon. Is this tattling or telling?" (tattling)

    - "Mary fell down by the bookshelf! Is this tattling or
    telling?" (telling)

    - "John didn't put his boots in the hallway when he came into
    the classroom. Is this tattling or telling?" (tattling)

    - "Jenny keeps pushing me when I told her to stop. Is this
    tattling or telling?" (telling)

    Good luck!

    5.NBT.4 Worksheets