Re: Need ideas and suggestions

    I use the letter arch from the Florida Reading Research site.
    We first practice matching letter to a letter we say in the
    alphabet song. Then, I hold up random letter cards for the
    students to locate on the arch. They can use the alphabet
    song to help them find the letter. This has helped to
    scaffold some of my students.

    On 3/17/15, LK McDonald wrote:
    > On 3/16/15, K teacher wrote:
    >> A kindergarten student transferred into my class at the
    >> beginning of Feb. from another school in the district. He
    >> knew 37 letters and 7 sounds which is about the same
    >> as he knew in Oct. according to a district wide
    >> assessment that he took. Since then we have worked
    >> with him every day to learn the letters and sounds but I
    >> assessed him today and he now knows fewer letters but
    >> about 5 more sounds. He has trouble matching
    >> magnetic letters to an alphabet chart and is inconsistent
    >> with the letters he can name.
    >> I am a very experienced teacher but this is the first time
    >> I've had a child make so little progress. Any ideas or
    >> suggestions?
    > As an assistant I am working with similar student. We are
    > using "Textured Tracing Cards" I make him trace each
    > Starting with green dot following to red dots. We sound out
    > these letters. We talk about what word starts with this
    > etc. I even use picture cards from other games, or
    > for him to use together. This is one-on-one using one
    > at a time, reviewing each "learned" letter. You can also
    > student with a higher level student allowing them to work
    > together to help your lower student.