Re: Switching from 3rd to K!

    Flacka has given you some good ideas, and she's right on. I am
    just finishing up my first year in Kinder (after 10 years in
    music), and find that I've been through all of this.

    Among books and blogspots that I have found to be helpful:

    MORNING MEETING, AFTERNOON WRAP UP - by Donna Whyte - she has a
    lot of great management ideas. She includes some of her favorite
    songs and chants (IMPORTANT in Kinder!) in this book too.

    WORKSHEETS DON'T GROW DENDRITES - by Marcia Tate. This is
    actually part of an online book-study among a few of the Kinder
    and First Grade bloggers, and everyone can follow along. I think
    we're up to Chapter 12 right now, but catching up wouldn't be
    difficult. It makes you really think about your teaching, what
    you want to teach, how you want to teach it so that the kids
    will learn it, and more.

    Blogspots that I like are (Deanna
    Jump, who sells quite a bit of great stuff on TPT), (Deedee Wills, another one that sells
    good stuff on TPT), Donna Whyte's, and
    herdingkats.blogspotcom (you will feel, at times, that getting
    K's ready to go somewhere is like Herding Kats, so this is a
    well-named blogspot, grin).