Re: Anyone ever heard of this? Is it age appropriate?
    K teacher

    First, the child is only FOUR years old. That said,
    has she been exposed to the letters and the
    proper name for each? Just because she has
    been in daycare or even preschool, doesn't mean
    that anyone has taught them to her. I have many
    children who have come into kindergarten and
    when shown a letter answer with a noun that
    begins with that letter. if she was taught that S
    starts Sophia's name, or the picture book has a
    star for S then that is what she is going to say.
    Along those same lines, has anyone counted with
    her - counted steps to the car, stuffed animals etc.
    If she hasn't had a lot of practice counting, she
    isn't going to be able to count. Rote counting is
    just memorizing, counting is something else (which
    is what she should be doing).

    My suggestion is to have the adults in her life
    spend some time working with her on these things
    and then see what happens. They don't learn this
    by osmosis but need many, many repetitions
    before they "get" it.

    On 4/28/15, AFK, SLP wrote:
    > I just came across this website and thought I
    would ask the
    > experts. I am a speech pathologist and recently
    > a 4 year old female. Mother and teacher
    expressed concern
    > regarding the child's inability to name alphabet
    > They reported the child labels letters (examples
    below) as
    > follows: W= child responds "starts with Will"; G=
    > with Gabby; J= Jeremiah, S= Sophia. This child
    is also
    > unable to rote count or identify numbers.
    > Is this normal for a 4 year old who has been in
    > since birth and preschool this entire academic
    year? If
    > not typical, does anyone know what her errors
    > indicate? Early dyslexia? Early
    > problems? Her naming ability was age
    appropriate given the
    > Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test.
    I'm not sure
    > how this website works but my email is
    > if you have further questions or comments.