Re: Centers

    I volunteered two mornings a week in my grandson's K class three
    years ago. All three K teachers had centers that the children
    rotated through each day. There was a kitchen set that changed
    throughout the year, a block area, seat work table, a "reading"
    center and an activity that the teacher worked one on one or did
    assessing on the days I was there. As far as I know none of the
    other public school districts have centers and their K programs
    are the watered down first grade type classes. This is a public
    school but it is a charter so the teachers have more freedom to
    organize their classrooms in the way they see fit.

    I have another grandchild going into K this fall and I will
    probably volunteer in her classroom also each week and she will
    have a different teacher. I think from walking through the
    classrooms this spring at an open house, the centers will still
    be part of the everyday experience.