Re: Centers
    please fight for centers

    For those of you who are fighting for child centered learning
    that includes centers in Kinder---I want to say "Thank you and
    please keep fighting." Turning schools into factories and
    feeding our students to the testing monster is destroying
    education. I teach upper elementary science and I only dream of
    getting students who have poured water into measuring cups in
    the kitchen center, who have learned to use scissors, who build
    forts with cardboard boxes...what are we doing to our young
    children by not allowing them to learn through play? Years ago
    I could ask my students to design a skit or create a play,...if
    I asked my students to do that today they would not know where
    to begin. I cry for the lost sense of imaginary play.

    On 6/20/15, Marie wrote:
    > I am going to argue strongly in favor of implementing centers
    > back into the classroom. Leadership and Social skills are such
    > important concepts that the children are losing out on. They
    > can not work their issues and problems out while completing a
    > worksheet. Writing, comprehension, analyzing, sharing,...can
    > all implemented following a 25 minute center time. Journal
    > Time: Draw a picture, write about what you did, and read it to
    > 3 friends.
    > On 6/20/15, Marie wrote:
    >> On 6/20/15, Flacka wrote:
    >>> Sadly yes, however, in some classrooms in some schools,
    >>> they do still have some "free play time". With the push for
    >>> academics and the end of the year expectations, it's tough
    >>> to fit it in.
    >>> On 6/20/15, Marie wrote:
    >>>> It has been 12 years since I have taught K. I was
    >>>> informed that they no longer have centers or nap. Nap I
    >>>> understand however, centers make no sense to me
    >>>> (blocks, manipulates, sand, housekeeping...). Is this
    >>>> common in most public schools?