Re: Jumpstart and WA Kids

    Is Jumpstart a 5 day introduction to school sometime before
    school starts?

    We do a 3 week program like that (half day) and we use the
    time to introduce some of the routines and procedures (how
    to line up, walk in the hall, go through the cafeteria line, use
    the playground equipment, etc). In the classroom we work
    on writing their name, sitting and listening to a story,
    following directions, using crayons and scissors, and some
    of the early basic skills like colors and shapes. We use Zoo
    Phonics at the beginning of the year so we introduce that as

    We choose a theme (ocean) and run a mini preschool
    because few of our students have been to school before and
    this helps them transition from home to school.

    On 7/26/15, Jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006 wrote:
    > Hi all....I am required to do a 5-day Jumpstart
    > Kindergarten this year for 3 hours each day....would love
    > to discuss other schedules...there is only one other K
    > teacher in my school and she is half-day, but we'll do
    > Jumpstart the same. Question is, how should this look?
    > We want to introduce some structures that we will use
    > when the year officially begins and work in the other
    > required tasks around that. Any help appreciated.