Re: Arm issues
    parent volunteer

    There are probably children who already know how to tie shoes
    so they can be your shoe "expert". Is there a parent that you
    can call on to come and volunteer for the the first few weeks to
    help with these things along with buttoning pants after they use
    the bathroom, writing the lunch count or attendance, etc.?
    Also, call on some of the support people at school to see if
    they can spare a few min. to help with pencil and scissor
    holding for the few that are struggling.

    On 8/01/15, Get the kids involved. Use it as an opportunity to
    build co wrote:
    > On 8/01/15, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    >> Ah, sad....about a week ago I broke my arm....right one
    > ...
    >> and I am right handed. Am in a splint and doing what I
    > can
    >> with my left hand. My husband has volunteered to help
    > me
    >> come set up my room. Thank heavens I had already
    > spent a few
    >> days moving in and only had some heavier stuff left to do
    >> before tackling bulletin boards.
    >> I am more fearful of trying to teach children to write and
    >> hold a pair of scissors when I don't have full abilities
    >> with that hand. I also cannot tie my own shoes, much
    > less
    >> the children's. Does anyone have any reasonable
    > suggestions?
    >> Typing almost one-handed, btw. Excuse typos, please.
    >> Donna