Re: Website for student practice writing name

    Like Flacka, I got the appropriate font, downloaded a set of
    them, and then it's on my computer for as long as I know it.
    It's a little tricky at first, learning to install new fonts so
    that they'll work, but worth every bit.

    KG Primary - lined and unlined - is what I use. I do have to
    set the font size to something like 72, to get it large enough
    for kindergarten. But it works well. I believe these fonts were

    This encouraged me to look for some other free fonts. One that
    I use for the headline of my classroom newsletter, is DK Cool

    I can't set up a link here, because it will bounce the post to
    a moderator (never to be seen again). So I'd just google KG
    fonts (I believe it's Kimberly Geswein, though I may be wrong
    on the spelling of the last name.) Or DK Cool Crayon font.