Re: Runners
    I had a student like this

    I a student who behaved much like you describe and he was
    labeled ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). If you google
    that you may find something that will help.

    I had an area in the room where he could go to calm down
    but I could still see him and he could hear what was going
    on. I had a couple of pillows and a basket of books in the
    corner and when he needed some space he would go there.
    I also learned to give him 2 *appropriate* choices. EX: When
    he didn't want to line up, I told him he could hold my hand
    as we walked down the hall or he could get in line with his
    friends. It took a while and the behavior got worse before it
    got better, but it did get better. The choices were always
    give in a calm, no nonsense voice and when he made a
    choice, I told him he made a good choice. At first he would
    play me and not make a choice so I would tell him I'd give
    him a min. to decide and then I would make the choice for
    him (I choice the least favorable choice LOL) and he finally
    got on board.

    If they run out of the room, keep the door closed and locked
    (if that's allowed) or put bells on the door so you can hear
    them open, or put a baby gate across the door if it has to
    stay open. It may not stop them but it should slow them

    If the running is outside, then insist that they stand with you
    and hold their hand. Let them know it's not safe and if they
    can't make a good choice, then you will have to keep them
    with you to keep them safe.

    It's not easy and it will get worse before it gets better but be
    insistent, calm, and most of all, consistent. Of course,
    document, document, document. Eventually I got my boy
    into SpED but it took most of the year.

    On 9/25/15, Anonymous for this wrote:
    > This year I have TWO "runners" -- boys who will bolt from
    > the room without any warning that they're about to do so.
    > So far, about all I've been able to do is to call the
    > office (I don't have an aide, and have 25 students) and
    > let them know.
    > One boy has some family issues. Sometimes, if his card
    > was pulled, he'd go hide under the table. Other times, he
    > pulls a "flat Stanley" by laying on the floor and
    > refusing to go anywhere - for anyone, including our
    > principal. Consulting with his mom, I put him on a
    > behavior contract. That worked on Wednesday. On
    > when he realized that he wasn't earning his prize for the
    > day (usually extra iPad time), he climbed over a fence
    > into another playground and on top of the picnic table.
    > There, he jumped up and down on the top of that and
    > refused to come down for any of us. One of the yard
    > duties ran to get help. A few minutes later, I watched my
    > principal as she watched this kid run around the entire
    > campus. He has NO respect for any sort of female
    > authority. The principal finally called the mom, who
    > took off work to come get him, though she made him stew
    > in the office until after school was over. I just wonder
    > if there's something ... not quite right ... about this
    > child.
    > The other child also has a family issue. There are a lot
    > of children at home, and due to the death of the dad,
    > only one mom to manage them. This child runs every time
    > he doesn't get his way. Today it escalated a little
    > further, with him attempting to knock over some tables
    > and some chairs. I looked at him and told him, "don't
    > even think about it," and he took off out the playground
    > door. I called the office, and then the child ran around
    > the playground for 5 minutes and then over into the other
    > playground, where the school secretary attempted to
    > corral him. I think there may be something else going on
    > with him.
    > Other than calling for help when this happens, I really
    > don't know what else to do. Anyone?