Re: Parent requested diff teacher....

    Too stsrict about what? Not letting kids touch each other
    inappropriately? Not letting one child pull another child's
    pants down? No, I don't think it will hurt your proferssional
    evaluation. It souldn't hurt to talk it over with your principal
    now though, and ask how he/she would have handled the
    situation and the mom.

    On 10/08/15, Mummy wrote:
    > Hi! First year kinder teacher but have been an
    > interventionist past 7 years. Have a boy in classroom
    > who has touched girls.. Patted one on behind, put arms
    > around another and today tried to pull down pants of a
    > girl. Told the mom, documented,etc... Parent is blaming
    > me and now prin is switching kid to another teacher
    > (which is good)... Mom said I am too strict. Do you think
    > this will bite me in butt as far as my professional
    > evaluation???!!! Thanks!!!!