Re: Comments
    I will bite

    These are my thoughts:

    Children in my district are not identified as dyslexic until at least
    2nd or 3rd grade. In K many of the children mix up letters, write
    letters backwards, etc. We call that "kindergarten brain" and it
    isn't until later that we would even realize that there is a real

    At my school, which is a title 1 school, we don't get to cvc words
    until April for most of the kids. I have a Lakeshore product that
    has 3 cubes on a stick and they twist the cubes to make cvc
    words. There is no way for them to self check and know that they
    made an actual word. I try to have them write the words that they
    made and it works OK with the higher kids and the others just
    write the letters because they don't have the skills to figure out if
    it's a real word or not.

    I am not sure if these are the kinds of comments you want but you
    didn't give us a whole lot to go on.

    On 12/28/15, jojo wrote:
    > On 12/28/15, Cherrie wrote:
    >> On 12/28/15, Ms. Anna wrote:
    >>> On 12/28/15, Cherrie wrote:
    >>>> I am currently doing a project on creating a product to
    >>>> aid the learning of dyslexic children. My product is a
    >>>> Rubik's cube with letters on it, so instead of matching
    >>>> the colors, the children will match the letters into
    >>> simple
    >>>> 3 letter words. A part of my project is to get comments
    >>>> from kindergarten teachers on my product, and I would
    >>>> really appreciate it if you could take a bit of time to
    >>> just
    >>>> give a few lines of feedback on my product. Thank you
    >>>> very much.
    >>> Sorry, no attachment included
    >> What attachment is needed? Thank you.
    > How can anyone give you feedback on a product idea (because
    > isn't a product) that is just a sentence long?