Re: Getting attention from kids

    Attention getters:

    ME: 1-2-3, eyes on me.
    CLASS: 1-2, eyes on you.

    ME: (clap, clap, clap-clap, clap)
    CLASS: (echoes)


    If you have a smart phone or tablet, get an app called
    ClassCue. You set it up ahead of time with different musical
    cues. You name the cues and set up a piece of music for that
    cue. For an example from my class, I use one of the themes
    from Charlie Brown for Time to Rotate. Kids know when they
    hear that music, it's time to put away whatever they are
    doing and get ready for another activity. All you need is the
    app and whatever music you have on CD or iTunes.

    Fun activities that are educational:

    On YouTube (assuming you have a way to show a YouTube video
    to the entire class, such as iPad/doc camera or laptop/doc
    camera) there are many GREAT videos. Some of my students'
    favorites include Jack Hartmann's videos, and for Science are
    the ones labeled "All Things Animals TV".


    Singing and Music works for any class. If you have a
    reasonable voice, sing with them! If you don't, grab some
    good music for kids -- the Wee Sing CD's and videos are
    pitched up in the kindergarten voice range. (I'm a former
    music teacher so I'm fussy about that.) Get some rhythm
    sticks and instruments, play some music with a great beat,
    and let them just play the instrument to the beat.