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I have a student who is a class clown. He disturbs the others at all times throughout the day by making noises, talking inappropriately, blowing in faces, etc...When I ask him to stop the behaviors he does but then restarts as soon as I turn away. I have found the best thing is to send him to the back corner of the carpet away from touching distance of the others or send him to his own desk instead of allowing him to stay at the table with the others. Mom is furious that I would isolate him. What would you do with a student like this? I'm open for ideas that will allow for my other children to learn and stay safe.
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jane On 2/14/16, Jacque/WA/K-1 wrote: > I answered the mail-ring post but I'll answer here too... > I have a similar child this year, though mine was also > violent (choking others, wrapping jumpropes around the neck > of others, poking, pushing, shoving, blowing on others). > I'm happy to say that by January, he has improved > dramati...See More
Feb 15, 2016
Jane Thank you! Good ideas.
Feb 15, 2016

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