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We have been told that our school (OKla.) will not be able to financially afford to hire subs when someone is absent during the 16-17 school year. We will have to split the students from the absent teacher's class into ours. That would mean about 5 more students per class on those days. Has anyone done this before in the school system and if so, do you have any suggestions for a smoother transition to this? Thanks!
Carolyn We do that when a sub cannot be found. It is not a good situation. You don't have papers for those children. No seats. It ends up to be a stressful day. So sorry. What is our education system getting to!
Apr 5, 2016
jojo Gosh so sorry! The good thing about it is that you are aware ahead of time that this will happen. There are probably a few things you can do to make things easier for the children and the teaching teams.

First, find out if you can be updated on any challenging students, or students who seem to be having difficulty, at some sort of team me...See More
Apr 5, 2016
maureen At my grandchild's K last year, two of the teachers "team taught" by sharing duties on Wednesdays and breaking up the classes into small groups as they went from each room for centers. That way the children became familiar with other students and the other teacher. When there was a guest speaker, they would combine the two classes for tho...See More
Apr 5, 2016
Flacka At the beginning of the year work with your team to
develop a plan that will help you get through the
practical stuff. Pre-divide each class so the same
children always get sent to the same teacher, call the
rest of the grade the night before or in the early AM to
give them a "heads up" that you won't be in, figure out a...See More
Apr 6, 2016

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