Re: No substitutes will be hired next year

    Gosh so sorry!
    The good thing about it is that you are aware ahead of time
    that this will happen.
    There are probably a few things you can do to make things
    easier for the children and the teaching teams.

    First, find out if you can be updated on any challenging
    students, or students who seem to be having difficulty, at some
    sort of team meeting.

    Next I would get together with all of the classrooms involved
    and share your behaviour plans as well as your plans for in the
    classroom routines. Clearly some things are going to be
    different, but if you make an effort together then many of the
    daily transition or routine tasks being the same will make it
    easier for the children to go between different classrooms.

    Finally I might also ask if I could pop into the other
    classrooms as a weekly visitor for 15-20 minutes to read a
    story, or do some sort of special activity so that all of the
    students get a chance to know who you are, and have the other
    teachers come visit your room while you are visiting their

    Good Luck!I have been in a situation where I have no one to
    take my kids and no option to get a sub. I would sooner have
    what you will have than that. It isn't the best but at least it
    isn't the worst thing that could happen.