Re: Journals

    I made mine in Word - at the beginning of the year the paper was
    horizontal with a large box for their picture, and a few lines below
    the boxer them (or me) to write. I started shrinking the box some
    to fit more lines and by mid year or so, I switched to a vertical
    format. The box got smaller and there were more lines for them
    to write on. I made a page that was just lines and made the pages
    2 sided so the ones who were ready could write more. In the
    beginning had a smiley face to show them where to start writing
    and at the end I had symbols inside a circle to remind them to
    start with a capital, leave spaces between the words, ending
    punctuation, etc.

    On 6/06/16, Nikki wrote:
    > Looking for some good templates to make homemade journals
    > for writing in the mornings. I want something that would
    > show growth in writing each 9 weeks and perhaps showing a
    > rubric. Any suggestions?