Re: Kinder Celebration

    No, we didn't do any kind of kinder celebration when I taught
    kinder but I don't think it's a big deal if it's done. My
    daughter went to a small preschool and they had a "graduation"
    the last day. I remember the kids made their own "caps" out of
    paper plates. The most memorable part came when they handed out
    little certificates to each child after calling out their full
    name. One little boy took his certificate from the head teacher
    and was half-way back to his seat when he turned around and said
    "Hey! How do you know my last name?" Everyone laughed - he'd
    been in preschool for 3 years and she'd been his teacher the
    whole time! After that, cookies and lemonade were enjoyed by
    all. That was more than 20 years ago and I just remember it as a
    sweet time in my daughter's life.

    On 6/09/16, maureen wrote:
    > Donna: I agree with you on all points. Some kids have
    > preschool graduation kindergarten graduation, elementary
    > school graduation, 8th grade graduation and by the time high
    > school graduation comes about, I wonder how special that
    > would be?
    > I am retired now, but none of my kids or grandkids had any
    > kind of last day "Graduation" type program at any of the
    > schools they attended. My youngest completed K this spring.
    > Her teacher and two others (there are 8 sections of K at the
    > school) did a very short program about 3 weeks before the end
    > of school. Parents were invited and the classes sang a couple
    > songs and poems. Nothing "graduation wise". The rest of the
    > school year was school as usual. They didn't even go on any
    > field trips. That was perfectly fine for us and our
    > grandchild.
    > I personally like having class as usual up until the end. I
    > never did it any differently all the years I taught. It isn't
    > necessary to celebrate moving to first grade.
    > On 6/09/16, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    >> One of the three K teachers did a "Kinder-bration" on the
    >> last day of school, and now the principal is trying to get
    >> us other 2 to do it too. Her attitude is "All or none."
    >> I have very mixed emotions about it, most of them negative.
    >> So I thought I'd ask here -- who does something on the last
    >> day of school to celebrate the end of Kinder? What do you
    >> do? How do you get the parents to not call it a graduation
    >> or promotion (which should be saved, IMHO, for end of
    >> elementary promotion, 8th grade promotion and HS
    >> graduation)?