How many hours a week do Kindergarten teachers work?

    I need to make a serious decision please. I really want
    to become a Kindergarten teacher but always read horror
    stories about teachers almost always working 60+ hours per
    week. Unfortunately I have great caregiving responsibilities
    in my family and that would be impossible for me to do.
    However I was wondering if Kindergarten teachers work less
    hours? I mean TOTAL including grading, planning,
    parent/student meetings? Also, is it extremely hard to
    become ONLY A KINDER teacher because of competition? Like
    would I need to always teach other grades too? I am hoping
    to finish school to become a Kinder teacher and maybe
    substitute teach until I finally get a Kinder position. Do
    you think this is realistic?
    Thank you, I don't want to make a mistake pursuing this.
    I am in between this or just trying to work my way up in
    administrative type jobs as a career because I really can't
    work over 40 hrs a week with my family situation. I really
    want to do this but I'm also afraid that pursuing this may
    take away from my husband's ability to go back to school how
    much he would want to as well. Poor guy doesn't even have is
    High School as he came from Mexico, he's been working so so
    hard for us and I want to help him too. I'm thinking of
    waitressing weekends (I've done this many years and make
    good money in tips) and going to school part time but I'm
    not sure if I should just get some full time administrative
    entry job somewhere so he has more freedom for his school?
    We also don't have health insurance right now so we'd need
    to shell out lots for obama care...I feel very confused.
    Also with the economy right now I keep reading how hard it
    is for new teachers to find work.. I'm hoping subbing would
    help hold us off until I could get a Kindergarten classroom.
    As far as limited hours I can work.. Thing is when we
    have kids (we don't have any but are almost 30 so I'm trying
    to prepare) as far as hours devoted to caregiving it would
    be similar a single mom. My husband is wonderful but he has
    made it clear that he is very traditional and would always
    be willing to provide for us completely (most likely he
    would work 60-80 hrs a week) but it's clear he would leave
    almost everything else to me (all housework, child care,
    shopping etc etc). On top of that sometimes I need to help
    my parents as they off and on get very ill, and I am their
    only child. I know if I was working over 40 hrs a week as a
    mother I would go insane (I greatly respect and admire moms
    who do this but I am not that skilled). I LOVE young
    children and I'm hoping Kindergarten wouldn't be more than
    40 hours full time or maybe I could even do 1/2 day?
    I'm sorry this is so long. It's just I'm SO torn as we
    agreed ABSOLUTELY NO student loans and have a very limited
    income. Do you think I should pursue this or just start in a
    clerical entry job somewhere and work my way up as much as
    possible in hope that it would be enough (maybe Executive
    Assistant or Senior Administrative Assistant in a University
    thing?). I'm just scared that that may become a dead end and
    then when we have kids it would be impossible for me to back
    to school, so I feel like I NEED to make a decision now or
    else.. I might sound entitled/ too picky but with our family
    situation I honestly can't have a career that I would need
    to work a lot of overtime even bringing it home. I'd also
    love being a Preschool teacher but I don't think it would be
    enough to live on. Help please from you wonderful teachers?
    Thank you so much....