Alarming Effects of Lack of Active Learning, Recess

    Read this excerpt from Brad and Melody's book to learn why
    it's important that educators press NOW for more movement,
    more recess, more physical education in every school day.
    For example, this stunning fact:

    Core muscle strength actually affects the area of the brain
    which controls executive function. Research shows that only
    one in twelve students now has the core muscle strength and
    balance of students from the 1980's, only 1 in 12!!

    Interestingly, the 1980s is when many schools began to
    reduce recess and playtime in schools. (It is also when
    child obesity rates began to climb at an alarming rate.)

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    educators fight for more activity and exercise during the
    school day.

    Learning on Your Feet: Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom - an excerpt from the book By Brad Johnson and Melody Jones