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What do you all teach for online/digital behavior skills?

In my classroom, there are 10 iPads, 5 iPods (when I bother to charge them up) and 2 old desktop computers. Plus my own teacher iPad and desktop, neither of which the students are allowed to touch.

My students are instructed that they have to stay on a particular app or website. I teach them how to get around ads that pop up. If they change apps or websites, they lose the digital privilege. They are taught to log on to an app when needed, and how to log off, and how to stay under your own log-on (and why). They *have* to use headphones, and the only ones allowed to put the headphone jack in/take it out of the iPad or computer, are adults. This has worked for me for three years, and I've no real need to teach any further online etiquette.

However, our K-12 district thinks otherwise. They want ALL students to do this set of 3 lessons on some website. One lesson covers cell p...See More

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