Re: How to handle long afternoon & behavior issues?!

    We also have a very long afternoon. To help, I break it up
    into smaller chunks. My afternoon looks like this:

    Calendar and Number of the Day
    Brain break and movement videos (see below)
    iPads and Number centers
    35 minutes writing
    Recess (10 minutes, which is only long enough for me to head
    for the bathroom)
    P.E. - walking, games or Spark activity. If indoors, movement
    Art, Music, short social studies or science
    Centers (after Music and social studies) or Library (after
    Go Home TIRED

    Videos that my kids love:

    Jack Hartmann brain breaks, numbers, letters, transitions. I
    find these on YouTube by searching Jack Hartmann, and have
    made playlists for ABCs and Reading, Numbers, Transitions.

    GoNoodle - our favorites seem to be Milkshake, Pop See Ko and
    Cat Party. All of those are on the same channel, just do a
    search on the GoNoodle website.