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I am fortunate to have 10 iPads in my classroom, 5 very "old" iPod Touches, 2 old desktop computers, and today, I was handed 7 Chromebooks. Then there's my teacher laptop and teacher iPad.

We use our iPads for RAZ-Kids, DreamBox, and Imagine Learning, all paid for by our district. It would be better if there was more wireless bandwidth -- the kids are always frustrated when the apps freeze, log them off unexpectedly, or jump to another section of the app when they least expect it. I feel the same frustration when I try to use YouTube or GoNoodle, and the video freezes or refuses to load.

So now we have 7 more Chromebooks, and I am honestly not sure how to deal with them right now (other than to take one home to learn to use myself, and stuff the rest into a locking cabinet). I know I can access these same three programs through their website presence.

But what I don't know -- if there's a way to use Guided Access (like there is with the iPads), or...See More
Flacka I am retired so technology in the hands of the students came late in my career. Because of that, I never embraced a lot of technology in the classroom and preferred to do things the "low tech" way. I do understand that they need to be well versed with its use because that is the world they live in and it isn't going away.

I know ...See More
Jan 14, 2017

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