More screens?

    I am fortunate to have 10 iPads in my classroom, 5 very
    "old" iPod Touches, 2 old desktop computers, and today, I
    was handed 7 Chromebooks. Then there's my teacher laptop
    and teacher iPad.

    We use our iPads for RAZ-Kids, DreamBox, and Imagine
    Learning, all paid for by our district. It would be better
    if there was more wireless bandwidth -- the kids are always
    frustrated when the apps freeze, log them off unexpectedly,
    or jump to another section of the app when they least
    expect it. I feel the same frustration when I try to use
    YouTube or GoNoodle, and the video freezes or refuses to

    So now we have 7 more Chromebooks, and I am honestly not
    sure how to deal with them right now (other than to take
    one home to learn to use myself, and stuff the rest into a
    locking cabinet). I know I can access these same three
    programs through their website presence.

    But what I don't know -- if there's a way to use Guided
    Access (like there is with the iPads), or other way to keep
    them on the website. With my desktops, the monitors face
    out into the classroom so that I can always see where a
    child is on the Internet. Is there some way to handle this
    with Chromebooks?

    Then there's the issue of "yet more screen time".....

    Thoughts here?