Re: student who back talks constantly
    Retired K teacher

    When you say he "talks back" is he sassy or is it something

    Whenever you have undesirable behaviors you need to figure
    out the antecedent, or what is happening just before you see
    the behavior so you know what is causing this behavior. Once
    you know what is setting off the behavior then you can work on
    fixing the problem.

    If he is fidgety and wiggly then give him more opportunities to
    move - while the others are sitting on the rug let him walk
    around or give him a big pom pom to handle. If he throws the
    pom pom it won't hurt anyone or anything but it gives him
    something to do with his hands. Boys, especially young boys
    aren't ready to sit and IMO, they should be moving around and
    not sitting. If he is walking around and still listening, so be it, he
    is still getting the lesson.

    I had a child with ODD and it was a huge challenge! I started
    giving him 2 appropriate choices and let him choose from the 2
    choices I gave him. If he didn't choose, I gave him a few
    seconds and if he still didn't choose then I would choose for
    him. I always chose the one I figured he didn't want or the one I
    wanted the least because he would reject my choice and
    choose the other one and we moved on. If he wouldn't come to
    the table I would offer him the table or he can work on the floor,
    if he didn't want to line up I would give him the choice to get in
    line or walk with me holding my hand. Neither choice was a
    "punishment" but he felt like he had some control and
    whichever one he chose, was OK with me and I always said
    "good choice". The behavior got worse for a bit as he tested to
    see if I meant it but in a short time things were SO much better!

    On 2/27/17, she wrote:
    > I am beside myself about what to do with a boy who talks
    > back constantly. I've talked with him, talked with his
    > mom, but nothing has helped. He's fidgety and
    > wiggly...constantly moving and refuses to move off the
    > rug and sit at a table quietly. I really like him, but
    > it is so frustrating!