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What are the basic things a new Special Ed Teacher should know upon entering school?
That would be a pretty long list Are you feeling rusty or unprepared in regard to some specific problem? Your credentialing program should have taught you most of the basics, of course, but if you're struggling with a specific situation or a specific child, it's probably best to seek out the advice of your department chair.

On 3/19/13, Johanna wrote: > What are the bas...See More
Mar 19, 2013
Cristina Well, it is a pretty long list but some basics would include:

- Knowing how to spot or identify a student with possible special needs. - Knowing how to differentiate instruction for a student based on their specific need - Knowing what accomodations can be made and make them

These are a few of the basic things a special ed teacher...See More
Jun 25, 2014
Beth Special Needs It is going to harder than you ever imagined and in ways you never imagined.

You will laugh and cry about things no one else will understand.

You are going to be SO tired.

There will be moments you want to quit, get in your car and never stop driving and moments that you feel like Anne Sullivan's teacher. Don't succumb to...See More
Jun 25, 2014
Margaret Joanna, that answer was beautiful! Reading and responding to posts is new to me, but as I have read through several over the last few weeks, it is easy to see that you are a true teacher with a real gift. You gave good information, caring ideas for the author of the question, and there was no ridicule in your helpful information. Every teacher shou...See More
Jul 14, 2014

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