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Re: Teaching Shortage Crock!!!

    Obviously, the responses I have been reading are in the States. Here in
    Ontario, Canada, we are now starting to face redundancies (layoffs) as
    enrolment is declining in the schools throughout the province. Less
    teachers are also retiring. The cycle has come full circle once again.
    When I first started there were no jobs to be had here also and our
    young teachers are facing the same prospects in 2008. Our board has not declared redundancies yet nor have they done their
    staffing for next year. It has been delayed for numerous reasons but I
    feel that it is because we are facing redundancies and there are some
    hard decisions that must be made. Our co-terminus board had 75 teachers
    declared redundant for next year.

    Luckily, I am coming near the end of my career (only 3 years to go, God
    willing, to retirement). I feel for those who are facing struggles to
    get a job -- I remember what it was like and it was no fun!

    Colleges, faculties of education require money so they are going to try
    and get as many bodies as they can and steer people towards a career in
    education whether jobs exist or not. There are also disciplines that
    will require teachers no matter what (Here in Ontario, music, Math and
    French Immersion have always needed teachers). If you want a career in
    education, the key is to be flexible if you can ( e.g.move to areas
    where there are shortages) -- I finally got a job because I had brushed
    up on my French and got the qualifications necessary to teach French in
    schools. At the time, French Immersion was a big drawing card and they
    couldn't get enough teachers.

    Hang in there if you can.