Re: Shelf Signage for Elementary Library
    Here's what I did (hope it's not too confusing)

    My library was K-5. I had sections for "E" (picture books), F
    (fiction), B (biography), and my non-fiction (small reference
    section too). When I started at the library, one of the
    previous librarians had a color coding system. Using 1/2"
    colored tape, I put a small piece on the bottom of the spine,
    below the call number. Mine was red for E, yellow for F, blue
    for B and each dewey number had its own color...ex. 500's
    were 'hot' pink, 900's were purple. The way my shelves were
    set up and the way the library was laid out, I couldn't label
    above the shelves or on the ends of them very effectively. I
    did label individual shelves with a letter however. I didn't
    have my picture books in perfect alphabetical order, although
    I did have all the A's together, B's, etc. The letters on my
    E shelf were also red. I bought them at first, but as I
    needed more, I used colored paper and typed them on the
    computer. I did this also for the fiction and biography
    sections. Now for my nonfiction I labeled each shelf
    individually. Ex. one shelf may have been 300 - 350.9 the
    next shelf was then 351.0 - 398.9. I typed these and taped
    them on, they were easy to change if your shelf became full
    and you had to make adjustments. The color coding was
    especially helpful for non-fiction because if a child wanted
    a "book on snakes", I could tell them to check the "pink"
    books. As they got older, of course, I would say the dewey

    I worked at this school for 13 years before I retired. I do
    not know if the librarian that took my job continued this
    practice or not, but it worked for me. HOWEVER, it had
    already been started when I got there. It may be too large of
    a job depending on how large your library is.

    Good Luck!

    On 8/04/10, JLH wrote:
    > This year marks my first in the library. I'm curious how
    > you go about directing students to (and through) the easy
    > fiction and fiction sections of your elementary school
    > library. Do your shelf signs reflect the call numbers on
    > each shelf? Do you simply use an "A" sign for those whose
    > authors' last names start with A?
    > I'm coming to the elementary level after five years as a
    > classroom teacher, so I don't want to do anything over the
    > students' heads.
    > Also, if anyone has any cheap signage ideas I'm all ears!
    > Thanks in advance!
    > JLH