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Can someone help me decide between reading Holes or Where
the Red Fern Grows? Haven't taught either and I am having
trouble deciding. Thanks.
Lit /blockquote>

I always survey what the kids have seen and/or read first.
Many elementary teachers use "Red Fern" as a read aloud or a
movie to watch. Many have seen the movie "Holes."

I'd check with them first.

Both novels are equally awesome, so good luck!
Mar 27, 2008
Sam5 /blockquote>

I personally love Where the Red Fern Grows. I think it is a
classic. Kids wouldn't probably pick it up on their own to
read or watch the movie. They would Holes. However, realize I
teach in a rural community so my kids get the whole hunting
thing. Some kids would not.
Mar 27, 2008
Kim in KS /blockquote>

My absolute favorite was Where the red fern Grows. I now have
2 beagles, but do not hunt!!!! :)
Apr 8, 2008
cam I use Holes as a read aloud for my 5th graders. I think that Where the Red Fern Grows is more age appropriate for 6th graders.
Jul 19, 2008

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