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    Be Glad You've Got A Job!!

    I'm new to this forum and have been perusing some of the
    recent and past posts. I've got to say that I'm seeing a
    whole lot of griping going on! I should think that in this
    horrid economy, with so many teacher lay-offs and so few
    jobs out there in any field, a teacher who hjas a secure
    position should be on their knees thanking the Lord!! You
    have a good salary, good benefits, summers off, snow days,
    delayed openings due to iinclement weather, life insurance,
    dental insurance and peace of mind knowing that you'll have
    a paycheck every other Friday to put food on the table and
    pay your rent. It really annoys me to hear all you
    teachers whining about how much you hate your jobs.
    Quit....and work, REALLY WORK at Walmart for $7.00 per
    hour. Do that for a bout one week and you'll beg for
    your "horrible" taching job back! Oh, by the way, I'm a
    retired teacher.