Re: meeting with parents

    I think you've answered your own question: "I don't want to
    have any more to do with them"!

    If your professional relationship is over, you need not even
    reply to emails if you don't feel comfortable doing so. It
    it might be more prudent to respond to the request, though,
    and decline the invitation to meet.

    On 2/03/17, Is this in school, or private studio? wrote:
    > If a private studio, I would say you have every right to
    > simply say, sorry, I do not choose to meet with you.
    > However, if it is in a school it is more complex.
    > Check with your principal, department chair or other
    > supervisor to see if there are any policies that would
    > you here.
    > On 2/03/17, hornblower wrote:
    >> HI. I have recently had some unplesant dealings with a
    > parent.
    >> The parent has decided to stop lessons, and I have agreed
    > to
    >> waive the notice period. Now the parents (rude and
    > aggressive)
    >> have requested a meeting with me. I don't want to have any
    >> more to do with them. How should I respond??
    >> Thanks.