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I'm a private instructor who inherited some students from another teacher - a few of them are difficult and I worry they may have preferred their former teacher's style better. These are mainly 8-12 yr. old kids.

I'm well aware that most younger students don't practice as much as they should, and many don't practice at all—perhaps they're not interested, lack work ethic, are tired, overbooked/overscheduled by their parents, are distracted by social media or their online worlds, or some combination of these factors. But as long as they show up, are reasonably pleasant during lessons and make some effort to pay attention, I'm happy to teach them the best I can in the hopes they'll get something out of it - musical or nonmusical - that will one day yield benefits for them, even if we're usually at square one every lesson.

My difficult ones are the ones who seem unhappy. Every indication from their body language tells me they don't want to be there, they're resentful,...See More
A thought I am not a private teacher but have taught in private schools where a full roster is important.

At the end of the lesson, take a few min. to make a connection with each student (those who are interested and those who don't seem to be). For the less interested students I would tell them what you have noticed and ask if there is something t...See More
Apr 23, 2017

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