Re: Help!!! Unorganized off-season program!

    On 9/06/08, anon wrote:
    > This is my first year back coaching after taking some time
    > off to further my education. During one of the periods, I
    > am in charge of the off-season. There is no kind of
    > structure as far as what should be done during this off-
    > season time. The other coaches are off working with this
    > season's athletes, so it's pretty much me and 60 kids. Some
    > of the times one other coach will come help me. I was
    > thinking of having two days of conditioning, two days of
    > skills for the next season's sport and one day of playing a
    > different sport, that they aren't offered. (The kids told
    > me that they had "fun friday" last year. I figured this
    > meant that they played different sports/activities. Found
    > out later, that the coach just had them walk around the
    > track and talk with their friends for the period, or let
    > them play tag, which most of them didn't do.)
    > I am desperately in need of ideas for a structured and
    > organized off-season program. I am open to any and all
    > ideas! I personally would love to kick about half of the
    > off-season girls out of the class because they are so lazy
    > and have attitude. But I realize that they are that way
    > because they weren't disciplined last year as to how the
    > program is run. Help!

    Wow, SIXTY kids and (mostly)one coach? Whew, what a task!
    How about girls in the weight room on T/Th and boys on M/W.
    Is your gym within eyesight of the weight room? Can another
    coach be assigned to help you? Call it a safety issue when
    you ask your Athletic Director. On the days they aren't
    lifting, provided you had help, the other coach or you could
    run plyometric boxes, ropes, footwork, core exercises,
    flexibility exercises........maybe all as circuit training.
    Then on Friday, run something fun--flag football game, team
    handball, kickball/softball. And offer an option of
    running/walking. Or, maybe cut the "fun" out of it and do
    some distance jogging and sprints on Fridays.

    When I was working off-season in TX there were many other
    coaches there. Our current AD wants ALL coaches with their
    own athletes in off season, even if it is one or two students.

    Anyone else have ideas? Good luck to the OP on this one!