Re: How is a community college professor's salary determined

    Where I am they pay about $1200 per credit hour with no
    benefits. For someone in my area (Physics/Engineering) with an
    advanced degree that is laughable compensation. Obviously most
    adjunct faculty don't do it for the benefits. It will vary by
    state and even by area within the state. Here it is a set rate
    determined by the local group of colleges. If you can get a
    post as a full time associate professor the pay is a bit better
    and the benefits are pretty good. It's really hard to get a
    full time job at the community colleges here in my area. They
    try to staff with adjuncts as much as possible. It's much less
    expensive and more flexible.

    On 6/07/09, Carl wrote:
    > I am currently trying to find out information in my home
    > state, CO, about teaching at the community college level.
    > I'm just not sure how the salary would be determined. I do
    > expect to start/stay part time, and may split my time
    > amongst colleges.
    > So, what can I expect from this prospect?
    > Thanks,
    > Carl