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Hello, I am having difficulty in my classroom this year motivating my students to put in some effort. This is my first year teaching and I teach Junior Chemistry. Typically we take notes and then spend the remainder of the class period practicing the concept via worksheet or practice problems. What they don't finish in class is then for homework. Doing the time in class, I float around the classroom and assist when needed. Usually students only get a problem or two done in class. What I've noticed then is they don't complete the rest for homework, or they are simply coping off of classmates. When test time comes around, my students who attempt the homework and work diligently in class get A's and everyone else fails. There is little average grades. Any ideas or suggestions on how to get these other kids to attempt their own work?
Betty Ann I suspect that your students are bored with taking notes and doing worksheets. Are you doing demonstrations? Are the students doing experiments? Are they making predictions and discussing them? And then testing them? Posters? Models? Presentations? Make the concepts from the unit into a Jeopardy game?

You need to be excited about what you ...See More
Apr 14, 2017
ChemTeacher I agree with Betty AnnOn,

Notes are boring and tedious. Students are not being taught to take good notes in the lower levels and it shows. You can try to teach them the techniques for taking good notes or teach them chem but not be effective doing both. I make prepared note packets for each chapter which are basically study guides that the...See More
Apr 18, 2017
bill T/Fl I concur with the two who posted before. I've been at the teaching game since 1980 (yeah, long time!), most of it dealing with middle school science. My classes tend to be very "hands on," partly because that is how I learned to do them, but mostly because students in this age, of whatever the level, do better with the "interactive" than some in th...See More
Jul 8, 2017

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