Re: Texas Adoption

    On 1/06/17, Yessi wrote:
    > On 1/06/17, Elizabeth P. wrote:
    >> On 12/05/16, MaryS wrote:
    >>> We are adopting new textbooks. I am from a small high
    >> school
    >>> in Texas. We have used Realidades since 2008!
    >>> Can anyone tell me if they like or dislike either Asi Se
    >>> Dice, Que Chevere or Avancemos?
    >>> Please help me out if you have experience with these books!
    >> We are in the same situation. I have used En espaol and
    >> Viaje and dislike both of them. We are up for adoption as
    >> well this year and also live in Texas. :-) Those are the
    >> options we were given and not sure which ones would be best.
    > Same thing here.... I have buen viaje right now and DO NOT
    > it at all! I have been looking through the samples that we
    > sent and so far I like avancemos and asi se dice. Asi se dice
    > sample lesson plans but avancemos has a good set up so I'm
    > My school is tiny and I am the only Spanish teacher so it's
    > up to me lol

    Mary wrote: from what I hear Avancemos is the new En Espanol?
    They seem to have a lot of good bells and whistles (for the
    teacher) but our tech guy says it has poor iPad options. (we
    are 1:1 iPad)

    I am considering Asi Se Dice and Descubre. I think Descubre has
    the best technology and pacing is great but they are somewhat
    esoteric (geared to college kids).

    This is really hard. I DO use my book, I teach 4 levels and
    would be lost without one. I also know whatever we choose we
    are stuck with for many years to come.