Re: Spanish Immersion programs
    Barbara Wills

    A great was to help with first hand experience is to host and AFSer in
    the near future. You may also volunteer to chaperone their sutdents if
    you are a registered volunteer. see then click on
    volunteer or hosting to have a student or going abroad for going on a
    program. Most of their programs are for high school students.

    On 11/06/09, my friend went to Malaga Spain last summer for classes
    > On 3/26/09, meteach1st wrote:
    >> I am looking into Alajuela, Costa Rica...They have a 2 week Spanish
    >> program for teachers who want to learn Spanish. You can also extend
    >> your stay for more classes. It looks like a good program. Also
    >> Costa Rica is much safer than Mexico or other Latin American
    >> On 3/23/09, Nancy wrote:
    >>> Do you have a site that we might use? I am looking into Coasta
    >>> Rica this summer.
    >>> On 8/20/08, CM wrote:
    >>>> There are many schools/programs in Mexico and Central
    >>>> America that are reasonably priced. Just do a search. I
    >>>> studied in Cuernavaca, Mexico and had a great experience.
    >>>> I've been looking at a program in Granada, Nicaragua also.
    >>>> On 8/06/08, Anne wrote:
    >>>>> I am looking into Spanish immersion programs and was
    >>>>> wondering if anyone had any advise. I am currently looking
    >>>>> for a job and thought that I might be more marketable if I
    >>>>> learned Spanish. All feedback is welcome.