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    Good ratings for most student travel companies ACIS, EF, Pas
    Shawn W

    I was trying to decide what company to travel with in
    2010; I've traveled with ACIS, EF and even Voyageur and
    have had good trips. I could stay with ACIS as I've always
    had great trips, but the prices are getting a little
    expensive. A company called Passports was highly
    recommended to me, but then someone from NETC called me.
    The NETC sales person sounded convincing and said they are
    same quality as ACIS. I didn't know much about NETC so I
    decided to call the local Better Business Bureau in
    Boston, Ma.

    I'm so glad I called as NETC seems to have the worst
    service rating out of all these companies. NETC is smaller
    then most of the other companies, but they have more
    unresolved complaints then any other company. This is
    funny because all the sales rep could do was talk about
    how great their services is and that's why they're more
    expensive. Interesting enough when

    I talked to the representative at the Better Business
    Bureau to try and understand what this information means.
    What she told me was NETC doesn't currently have a rating
    because there are too many unresolved complaints. All of
    the other companies currently have a satisfactory rating.

    I did ask the NETC sales rep about this. She said one of
    the senior managers was going to call me directly. I'll
    keep you updated. For now it looks like I'm going to stay
    with ACIS. If you want to do your own homework, I listed
    the Better Business Bureau link for NETC below.

    Shawn W
    Indianapolis, In

    To review the NETC rating go to: