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I was trying to decide what company to travel with in 2010; I’ve traveled with ACIS, EF and even Voyageur and have had good trips. I could stay with ACIS as I’ve always had great trips, but the prices are getting a little expensive. A company called Passports was highly recommended to me, but then someone from NETC called me. The NETC sales person sounded convincing and said they are same quality as ACIS. I didn’t know much about NETC so I decided to call the local Better Business Bureau in Boston, Ma.

I’m so glad I called as NETC seems to have the worst service rating out of all these companies. NETC is smaller then most of the other companies, but they have more unresolved complaints then any other company. This is funny because all the sales rep could do was talk about how great their services is and that’s why they’re more expensive. Interesting enough when

I talked to the representative at the Better Business Bureau to try and understand what this i...See More
Jake Maxwell We had a great trip with NETC few years ago. But it’s only gotten worse. The service is gotten really bad and the hotels aren’t what they use to be, probably having financial troubles because of the economy. We went with Passports this year and had a fantastic trip.

Jake M

On 8/07/08, Shawn W wrote: > > I was trying to d...See More
Aug 25, 2008
Mary D. I teach French, have taken large student groups to Europe and used only NETC on 6 major trips since 1996. They have done an amazing job -- so much so that I am sticking with them in spite of their prices being on the higher end. The tour directors have been outstanding, and any problems have been quickly resolved. They include educational activitie...See More
Dec 16, 2008
Mary D. I went to the site you listed and it rated NETC with an A

> To review the NETC rating go to: > [link removed]
Dec 16, 2008

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