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Hi all,

Does anyone have any knowledge (reputation, etc.) of the International School of Hamburg in Germany?
D. Thomas Hi. The school generally has a good reputation based on limited reviews and word of mouth. Apparently some people were not happy with the Director, but that was a few years ago and no word on the current situation. Solid school with no worries about pay etc (although the new Director at that time allegedly wasn't afraid to fire/non-renew if he did ...See More
Jan 4, 2012
Dave Its a solid, good school. With a strong reputation for the kids and school. The kids are bright, and work as about as hard as upper middle class students in the states do. Hamburg is a good city, to have to live in, and english is widely spoken and understood. you wont have as many frustrations living there. Whats your family situation, because its...See More
Jan 4, 2012
Wanderlust Thanks D.Thomas and Dave- some great info there. I'm single, so something to think about indeed. Thanks again.
Jan 4, 2012

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