Re: San Luis Potosi?

    It wasnt meant to be sarchastic, but funny. The OP said the school

    1) "Somewhere in Mexico" (thats like saying Albany is somewhere in
    the USA) 2) Southwest of Matamoros (there are 6 cities in Mexico
    called Matamoros) 3) Halfway between the gulf and the pacific (thats
    A LOT of area).

    On 1/05/12, Chan wrote:
    > Why the sarcastic response?
    > On 1/04/12, Dave wrote:
    >> Its about a league past the horizon before you hit El Dorado
    >> but after the fountain. All the woman are beautiful, and
    >> their lifestyle is pretty rural and traditional. The tacos are
    >> good, and the school Headmaster is an old fencer goes by the
    >> name of "Big Z".
    >> On 1/03/12, Chan wrote:
    >>> Apparently it's somewhere in Mexico southwest of Matamoros
    >>> about half way between the Gulf and the Pacific.
    >>> Anyone hear or know anything about this place in terms of
    >>> teaching?