Re: Teachers Exchange Programs in Italy - Summer 2012

    I taught in Italy last year. Honestly, just go to Rome, around
    the hospital, university, and the corsico, and put up flyers.
    Lots of people are looking for english and language tutors.
    People make about 20€-30€ a lesson (about 40-45 minutes).
    You can get a hostel for about 10€-15€ (Ive seen 8€) a
    night. Summer is the hardest time to pull it off, because
    everyone leaves on holiday and the place is flooded with
    backpackers trying to do the same thing, so you see the
    language lessons drop. However, you can often supplement this
    with day labor/service industry type work (waiting tables, bar
    back, dishwasher, etc), as much as tourists love the sound of
    italian, they want to be able to read a menu, and order their
    food without frustration (a cute waitress can make enough in
    one weekend night to cover expenses for the week). Ive also
    seen people do things like computer support (a tourists laptop
    dies, and they want someone who speaks english to fix it) to
    haircuts (all those back packers need a haircut at some

    My personal favorite that i do is wireless internet I would
    just show up with my macbook and iPhone and using hotspot
    software for the billing create a hotspot at 1-5€ an hour.
    Id make 10-50€ in an afternoon at a cafe while grading
    papers. Id do that once a week (not often), but it paid for my
    monthly mobile service and internet at home. It worked because
    infrastructure is so bad in Rome/Italy that your choices are
    mobile internet or slow DSL (if its available), and outside
    the hotels (which charge for their internet as well) everyone
    just wants to get online. In fact if you jailbreak your iphone
    you can do it without the laptop, but it runs your phones
    battery down REALLY fast (incidentally, few places will let
    you "plug in" to their electric, assuming you can find a
    outlet outside that is convenient. The macbook is really just
    a supplementary battery and runs the billing software. I did
    all my own work from my iPad)

    As for language tutoring, must people want to do it at lunch
    time or after work. Try to do it afterwork, otherwise the cost
    of the meal, is likely take up your fee. You will also see
    better results (learning a language with your mouth full is
    hard, and slows down progress). The best place to do it is
    their office (many of them are doctors or medical
    professionals). If your good, and personable, you will build
    up a word of month clientele in a month or so. Some people get
    good enough at it they stay into the fall (when the room rates
    drop, everyone back from summer holiday, and all the tourist
    backpackers have left). I know one girl who turned it into a
    job at the university.

    On 1/07/12, Lutece wrote:
    > Does anyone know where I could find a summer job in Italy,
    > teaching French, English, or Spanish, while practicing my
    > italian. Also, I am willing to offer french, english or
    > spanish lessons in exchange for room and board.
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Lutece