Re: Singapore American School

    Singapore has one season, Summer. Its 86 miles from the
    equator and its a wet tropical heat. Yes everyone speaks
    english, though its a hybridized british english called
    "Singlish". That being said its very easy to navigate the
    country/city. All signs,and most everything is written in

    It would be impossible, Singapore is a knowledge/intellectual
    based society. They have plenty of computer engineers to make
    software, and your husband wouldnt have a work visa, and since
    their labor market isnt suffering in that field, any company
    would have to hire a local first. He'd have zero chance, youd
    have a better chance getting a DoDDS position this year.

    On 1/24/12, School Psyc wrote:
    > What is it like? Is it too wet? From just reading on the
    > internet, it seems there are many English speakers. How
    > difficult would it be for my software engineer/developer
    > husband to obtain a job there if I do get hired?