Re: Counseling Positions

    I mean they weren't licensed as school psychologists, or weren't state
    certified as a school counselor. I really don't know what defficiencies
    they had between their masters degree, and getting

    On 2/14/12, School Psyc wrote:
    > You only need a Masters to become certified. You mean they just had
    > not done the school counseling courses and internship?
    > On 2/13/12, Dave wrote:
    >> Its still crazy for counselors, this time of the year there is
    >> still unusual number of vacancies. Several positions at good
    >> schools went to those who weren't even certified. They just had a
    >> Masters
    >> On 2/13/12, D. Thomas wrote:
    >>> Yeah, it was crazy this year for counselors.
    >>> We're still waiting to hear about Hong Kong. They are supposed
    >>> to start making decisions/offers between the 15th-20th. The
    >>> suspense is killing me.
    >>> On 2/12/12, Dave wrote:
    >>>> But those are already filled, so it's a moot point. It
    >>>> would be a MUCH longer list if it was just elite
    >>> schools,
    >>>> that I WOULD have applied too.
    >>>> On 2/12/12, D. Thomas wrote:
    >>>>> Plus positions that have already been filled this
    >>>>> season at Western Academy
    >>>>> of Beijing (3 positions), New Int'l School of Thailand
    >>>>> and a few others I forget by now.
    >>>>> On 2/12/12, Dave wrote:
    >>>>>> There are about 44 posted vacancies on Search, at the
    >>>>>> "Top Tier" elite school (subjective
    >>>>>> definition), I listed the following I would apply too
    >>>>>> :
    >>>>>> International School of Brussels American School of
    >>>>>> Brasilia (Brazil) Beijing City International School
    >>>>>> Canadian International School of Hong Kong Hong Kong
    >>>>>> International School Copenhagen International School
    >>>>>> (Denmark) Munich International School (Germany) John
    >>>>>> F. Kennedy German-American Community School Korea
    >>>>>> International School International School Manila
    >>>>>> (Philippines) American School of Madrid (Spain)
    >>>>>> International School Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
    >>>>>> On 2/11/12, School Psyc wrote:
    >>>>>>> What are some of the top tier schools that are looking?
    >>>>>>> On 2/07/12, Dave wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Schools creating larger student service
    >>>>>>>> departments. MANY schools until now have had very
    >>>>>>>> small student services departments, usually a
    >>>>>>>> single counselor. For some schools their current
    >>>>>>>> counselor(s) are also moving up into DIP, high
    >>>>>>>> school as college advisors, creating a vacuum in
    >>>>>>>> the earlier grades.
    >>>>>>>> On 2/06/12, D. Thomas wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> Possibly. But it did seem that a fair few of
    >>>>>>>>> those positions were at the middle and
    >>>>>>>>> elementary level.
    >>>>>>>>> n 2/06/12, Dave wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>> Increase in Student Services. I think the
    >>>>>>>>>> increase is from more schools recognizing the
    >>>>>>>>>> importance of school services. These are
    >>>>>>>>>> schools that before had a token counselor,
    >>>>>>>>>> and are increasing the size of their
    >>>>>>>>>> counseling department. This increased need is
    >>>>>>>>>> largely in the form of college advising.
    >>>>>>>>>> Historically, students went to a local
    >>>>>>>>>> university after high school for their
    >>>>>>>>>> bachelors, and the to the West (UK, USA, etc)
    >>>>>>>>>> for their Masters (MBA). What were seeing is
    >>>>>>>>>> a significant increase in students wanting to
    >>>>>>>>>> go abroad for their bachelors.
    >>>>>>>>>> Its easier to think of the increase in school
    >>>>>>>>>> counselors less in the traditional mental
    >>>>>>>>>> health model, and more as a career
    >>>>>>>>>> advisor/life coach approach.
    >>>>>>>>>> On 2/06/12, D Thomas wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>>> So whats with the counseling positions at
    >>>>>>>>>>> top tier schools this year? Some even had
    >>>>>>>>>>> multiple openings at the same school. And
    >>>>>>>>>>> it seemed like a lot newbies just walked
    >>>>>>>>>>> into top schools this year. Not that I'm
    >>>>>>>>>>> jealous (much).