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I teach 8th grade, and I have my masters in middle school math, certified in social studies and language arts as well...all K-9. I just turned 50 and am a healthy and active female. Kids grown and I'm looking to chase my dreams of teaching abroad. From those who are teaching abroad, and those with international knowledge, where would you suggest working. I plan to teach at least 5-8, maybe even 10 more years...as long as I continue to love what I do! Thanks for any advice!
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Thanks D Thomas Several things that I've been scouting out online that are important to me (realizing I won't get them all): secure/safe area, looking for even more financial security, would like area where travel is relatively easy to visit historical/ fun sites, originally wanted Europe but that's looking less likely, not to fluent in other languages, but will l...See More
Apr 29, 2012
Dave Hi welcome to the forum. You dont need to be fluent or speak a european language to work in europe, english is mandatory in primary and lower secondary school. You cant really save money in europe either. Though its a nice place to retire once youve earned a pension there. Unfortunately Japan and europe are very competitive places to get into, they...See More
Apr 29, 2012
D. Thomas I wouldn't be quite so bleak as Dave, although I generally am more optimistic.

Europe is more difficult to get into, in general, but it certainly can be done with the right experience and qualifications. It costs nothing to monitor the websites of schools in desired countries and apply when there is an opening.

Europe will be more...See More
May 1, 2012
Dave I usually am more conservative in my responses. It has gotten easier to get hired in the UK from a technical standpoint, but as an "american" trained teacher what do ou really know about the British education system, and why then would they hire you over a local?

On 5/01/12, D. Thomas wrote: > I wouldn't be quite so bleak as Dave, alth...See More
May 1, 2012
D. Thomas I tend to think that differences in curriculum aren't nearly as important as the powers that be make them out to be. A good teacher should be able to adapt to virtually any curriculum since the content doesn't change all that much, just the way it is taught/learned.

Also, I do see on a UK board that for whatever reason overseas trained tea...See More
May 2, 2012

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