Re: What would you do?

    Hi welcome to the forum. You dont need to be fluent or speak a
    european language to work in europe, english is mandatory in primary
    and lower secondary school. You cant really save money in europe
    either. Though its a nice place to retire once youve earned a
    pension there. Unfortunately Japan and europe are very competitive
    places to get into, they are seldom a new international teachers
    starting post. Most take about 5+ years to work there way there. I
    dont want to be pessimistic, but most people in their 50s and that
    are international teachers have about 10 years experience and or are
    happy at their current school and will retire out there. Entering
    international teaching at 50 would be "hard" I know several teachers
    that have been on the fair circuit for several years and just havent
    gotten an offer. Asia may be an option, but by asia I mean China,
    Taiwan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Having lunch on a
    sidewalk cafe or walking the boutiques in Paris, Rome, Barcelona is
    not going to happen.

    On 4/29/12, Thanks D Thomas wrote:
    > Several things that I've been scouting out online that are
    > important to me (realizing I won't get them all): secure/safe
    > area, looking for even more financial security, would like area
    > where travel is relatively easy to visit historical/ fun sites,
    > originally wanted Europe but that's looking less likely, not to
    > fluent in other languages, but will learn. Ideally I'd love to
    > be in Europe, on a tropical island or In Austrailia..probably
    > because I've visited Scotland and surrounding areas and felt
    > comfortable there. I would also enjoy experiencing a new
    > culture... Don't mind being out of my comfort zone and will
    > definitely get input. It looks like Asia is easiest place to
    > get started, and I've been told I'd like several areas in Japan.
    > I'm up to a new adventure if there's one out there for me.
    > I'm not sure I've narrowed it down enough. Again, I'm open to
    > ideas/suggestions from those who've "been there done that".
    > Thanks!
    > On 4/29/12, D. Thomas wrote:
    >> Only you can answer that since only you know what is most
    >> important to you.
    >> Are you looking to become financially secure while
    >> experiencing a new culture?
    >> Do you have a special interest or affinity for a particular
    >> culture or country?
    >> The world is a big place and there are int'l schools in
    >> practically every country. We can tell you where it is easiest
    >> to get started and the relative benefits of different areas.
    >> Give us something to help narrow the field for you.
    >> On 4/27/12, Want input wrote:
    >>> I teach 8th grade, and I have my masters in middle school
    >>> math, certified in social studies and language arts as
    >>> well...all K-9. I just turned 50 and am a healthy and
    >>> active female. Kids grown and I'm looking to chase my
    >>> dreams of teaching abroad. From those who are teaching
    >>> abroad, and those with international knowledge, where would
    >>> you suggest working. I plan to teach at least 5-8, maybe
    >>> even 10 more long as I continue to love what I
    >>> do! Thanks for any advice!