Re: Conferences before sending report card home

    On 10/23/11, Amy K. wrote:
    > Hello! This year we are conducting conferences about 2
    > weeks before the report cards go home. Does anyone else
    > have this type of schedule?? If so, what did you use as a
    > sharing tool? Portfolio? Self-made checklist? Report Card
    > rough draft? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
    > Thanks!!

    Is this your only parent conference in the marking period? Is
    this your first parent conference of the year?

    If it's your first parent conference, a few general remarks
    about the child the child's overall skills are most
    appropriate. How has the child adjusted to the new grade?

    Then move on to the upcoming report card - if the child's
    grades are overall good, save yourself time and say that and
    smile warmly and send them on their way. If the grades are not
    going to be good in one area or in any areas, explain why and
    as important tell them how you are going to address the child's
    needs differently given that the child is not doing well and
    tell them what they could do more or differently to help build
    the child's skills.