Re: smartboard
    Teacher on the Verge

    On 10/31/11, Michelle/gil wrote:
    > I have a chance to get a smartboard in my classroom, but I
    > need to write a proposal trelling how I will use the
    > smartboard, how it will enhance my students education, how
    > it will be used as an educational tool, etc. Anybody have
    > any wise advice I can include in my proposal?

    Write about how the SMARTBOARD will differentiate instruction
    for all students, including those you may serve now (or in the
    future) with disabilities. Research a peer-reviewed article on
    technology and instruction (within the last five years) and
    cite what the latest research says about technology and
    instruction. Try to include a study if you can. Keep all of
    this information brief and to the point, and hopefully your
    proposal will stand out.