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    On 11/17/11, John wrote:
    > On 11/17/11, John wrote:
    >> On 11/12/11, Marlie wrote:
    >>> I was wondering how a lesson plan looks like. I need to see
    >>> a sample of a 3rd grade lesson plan.
    >>> Can anyone help me, please?
    >> Re: 3rd grade lesson plan
    >> Here is a sample of a basic and a detailed lesson plan.

    Hi my name is Patricia and I am a student at State College of Florida
    I am studying to become a third grade teacher. I am doing a research
    paper for my Written Communications class and I have to interview a
    teacher in my field of study. I only have a few questions, if you
    could provide me with any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank
    you for you time.

    1. What is your job title?
    2. What are the normal duties on your job?
    3. Are there any things about your job that you like and/or
    dislike? What are those things?
    4. Do you think the demand for workers in your career will increase
    or decrease over the next five years? Why?
    5. Is there any advice you would give to a young person making career