Re: Elementary Education

    > 1. What is your job title?

    3rd Grade Teacher

    > 2. What are the normal duties on your job?

    Create and execute lesson plans following state standards and
    school curriculum. Ensure all material is covered. Create and
    maintain a discipline plan that fosters a safe and productive
    learning environment. Create and maintain a climate of respect
    and fairness for all students.

    > 3. Are there any things about your job that you like and/or
    > dislike? What are those things?

    I like it when the kids cooperate and are excited about
    learning. I don't like when they complain about being "bored."
    I don't like hearing students talking about playing video
    games for hours on end when they get home from school.

    > 4. Do you think the demand for workers in your career will
    > increase or decrease over the next five years? Why?

    In the current climate of blame being placed on "bad teachers"
    and "failing schools" it's hard to imagine why anyone would
    want to become a teacher. It's a wonderful job that is being
    ruined by oppressive control of government officials who have
    never stepped foot in a classroom. The sad fact is there are
    in many cases simply "bad students" who create the "bad
    schools." You can't expect students living in poverty with low
    ability to achieve the same success experienced by students in
    upper class suburban neighborhoods where chaos is not the
    norm. With the impending "Common Core" standards approaching,
    we're about to experience more failing schools than ever
    before. Too many schools have students who aren't ready
    for "higher level" thinking. Making it government mandated
    will only further frustrate students, teachers and parents.

    > 5. Is there any advice you would give to a young person
    > making career decisions?

    Be prepared to be flexible when seeking out a job. You may not
    find your dream job right away. Things do take time, but if
    you are dedicated, I think you will be able to find a job that
    makes you happy. Also, don't let other people with negative
    attitudes affect your approach to seeking a job.