Re: Elementary Education

    On 11/19/11, Hurley wrote:
    >> 1. What is your job title?
    > 3rd Grade Teacher
    >> 2. What are the normal duties on your job?
    > Create and execute lesson plans following state standards and
    > school curriculum. Ensure all material is covered. Create and
    > maintain a discipline plan that fosters a safe and productive
    > learning environment. Create and maintain a climate of respect
    > and fairness for all students.
    >> 3. Are there any things about your job that you like and/or
    >> dislike? What are those things?
    > I like it when the kids cooperate and are excited about
    > learning. I don't like when they complain about being "bored."
    > I don't like hearing students talking about playing video
    > games for hours on end when they get home from school.
    >> 4. Do you think the demand for workers in your career will
    >> increase or decrease over the next five years? Why?
    > In the current climate of blame being placed on "bad teachers"
    > and "failing schools" it's hard to imagine why anyone would
    > want to become a teacher. It's a wonderful job that is being
    > ruined by oppressive control of government officials who have
    > never stepped foot in a classroom. The sad fact is there are
    > in many cases simply "bad students" who create the "bad
    > schools." You can't expect students living in poverty with low
    > ability to achieve the same success experienced by students in
    > upper class suburban neighborhoods where chaos is not the
    > norm. With the impending "Common Core" standards approaching,
    > we're about to experience more failing schools than ever
    > before. Too many schools have students who aren't ready
    > for "higher level" thinking. Making it government mandated
    > will only further frustrate students, teachers and parents.
    >> 5. Is there any advice you would give to a young person
    >> making career decisions?
    > Be prepared to be flexible when seeking out a job. You may not
    > find your dream job right away. Things do take time, but if
    > you are dedicated, I think you will be able to find a job that
    > makes you happy. Also, don't let other people with negative
    > attitudes affect your approach to seeking a job.
    Thank You very much for your time. I agree with you however, we
    cannot use personal opinion and we had to specify a certain career
    for our research paper. You have been a great help in helping me.
    Thank you again. My passion for children and helping others is
    what has drawn me towards teaching