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I am trying to win some Jan Brett books for my classroom. I would GREATLY appreciate anyone who might take the time to vote for the picture I took of her tour bus so that I might have a chance to win these books for my classroom. Considering every library book in my classroom has to be personally purchased by me (for over 30 years now) these would be a great addition to our classroom library. Thank you so much for your time. Go to: 1. 2. Click on the "like" button to enter her site 3. Click on "contests" on the left hand side 4. Open "view entries" 5. Sort by "most recent" 6. My picture, titled "Jan Brett's Tour Bus" should be the first picture in that row. If you open it, it should say, "Cindy" and "Cottonwood" 7. Vote! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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