Re: Quick Vent

    Not so blatant, but similar. Just curious -- I give 2's for
    50-64% averages in math. In our state 65% is a passing
    grade. 65-95 is considered a 3. Which, in my opinion the
    ridiculousness of the 1, 2, 3, 4 system.
    Someone, other than you -- a principal or superintendent,
    needs to tell these parents that they have a choice --
    academics or extra curricular activities. Some students can
    handle both, but many can't. It all depends what their
    priorities are. But to expect you to work after hours and
    weekends for free is a ridiculous request. Would any of them
    work for free at their jobs? Maybe this profession was a
    calling back in the 1800's when the local school marm worked
    all the time and was not allowed to get married, but we have
    families of our own, have to do coursework for master's and
    beyond, and it's just not a reasonable request. I'd want to
    know what exactly is the principal telling these parents that
    their expectations keep changing? If it's his or her
    suggestion, then maybe the principal should tutor these kids
    for free on his or her own time.

    On 3/26/09, anon wrote:
    > I have 15 kids this year who are low in math. We ran before
    > school tutorial sessions from November to February. The
    > kids were invited to attend along with those in other
    > classes. Only four kids were signed up by parents.
    > Meanwhile, a group of 8 moms complained to the principal
    > that their girls didn't want to have anyone know they had
    > trouble. The moms want the teachers to stay after school to
    > work individually with their daughters for free. The moms
    > feel this is part of the teachers' jobs.
    > It turns out that the 8 kids have volleyball, swim practice,
    > baseball practice, and lacrosse practice. So now, the moms
    > want the principal to have the teachers come in on weekends
    > to help their kids. This is to avoid having the kids miss
    > their sport team practices.
    > The moms put sports ahead of academics every time. However,
    > the girls are supposed to receive 3's and 4's on their work.
    > If the teacher gives a 2 because the kid has a 60-79%
    > average, the teacher is "terrible".
    > As teachers, we find this group of moms to be rude bullies.
    > Anyone else out there have this type of blatant behavior
    > from parents?