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The game of baseball lends itself to many learning opportunities for your students. I used to have my students pick a team out of a baseball hat and then do research on how the team got it’s name. I also used this derivation of the team nickname activity for basketball teams. The Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers were my favorite research assignments.

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers get their name? (Answer below).

Following a baseball team’s road games enhanced my students’ geography skills. I would have them figure out location and distance between the cities they had to travel to. The use of a map of the United States and Canada really illustrated this. I also used a beach ball that had a map of the United States and the top part of Canada. A student would say that their favorite team was playing in a certain city. They would toss the beach ball to another student who would have to show where that city was. Then that student would pick another city and toss the b...See More
Lady J Oh I love baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevolet!

Thanks for all your wonderful links. It is always one of the first places I look for info.

Got any great ideas for the World Series? That is when I like to talk baseball with the kids.
Apr 9, 2009
Cybrary Man Thanks for the nice words about my site.

For the World Series you can do the distance between the cities, the population of each city and a little about the history of each city. Using a world map you can create a listing of where each of the players was born. You can then graph the results. Have the children create the flags of these cou...See More
Apr 10, 2009

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