Baseball Geography and other learning skills
    Cybrary Man

    The game of baseball lends itself to many learning
    opportunities for your students. I used to have my
    students pick a team out of a baseball hat and then do
    research on how the team got it's name. I also used this
    derivation of the team nickname activity for basketball
    teams. The Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers were my favorite
    research assignments.

    How did the Los Angeles Dodgers get their name? (Answer

    Following a baseball team's road games enhanced my
    students' geography skills. I would have them figure out
    location and distance between the cities they had to
    travel to. The use of a map of the United States and
    Canada really illustrated this. I also used a beach ball
    that had a map of the United States and the top part of
    Canada. A student would say that their favorite team was
    playing in a certain city. They would toss the beach ball
    to another student who would have to show where that city
    was. Then that student would pick another city and toss
    the ball. . .

    I also had the students do research on the birthplaces of
    their favorite teams players.

    Following sports also can enhance math skills having them
    compute batting averages, runs batted in and the different
    pitching statistics as well as team standings.

    (The Los Angeles Dodgers came from Brooklyn, New York.
    Brooklyn is the most populated borough in the city of New
    York. The streets were filled with people "dodging" the
    trolley cars.)

    On the Baseball page on my website I have links to
    a lot of sites that can help you use baseball as a
    learning technique.

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